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Risktyle is a model and application that measures risk behavior based on individual responses from the survey of Kahneman-Tversky’s (1979) Nobel Prize-winning research.

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  • Get a detailed risk assessment.
  • Be aware of your risk tolerance.
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Sid Muralidhar is a sophomore at Virginia Tech, and is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of He has previously published an article on an innovative solution to the student debt crisis in IMCA’s Investments & Wealth Monitor (2016), is a two-time MIT INSPIRE finalist in Economics, placing 3rd in 2017, and was a member of the top-ranked US team at the Knowledge@Wharton Global Investment Competition in 2017.

Emerson Berlik is a sophomore at University of Virginia, and is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of He is currently pursuing a computer science B.S. with a minor in business.

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